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Geplaatst op 04-02-2021
04 Feb

Successful start of clinical research Medyc!

The diagnostic piece of the COVID-19 pandemic puzzle is in place, but the next critical step is to complete the development of multiple vaccines to help control the effects of Covid-19 on the world.

We would like to discuss the importance of neutralizing antibodies in the context of vaccines and how rapid tests detect these antibodies, support vaccine studies and alleviate uncertainty in the vaccinated population.

Focus on the antibody that presupposes immunity

Antibodies that block corona virus infection (so-called neutralizing antibodies) are an important measure of the immune response to the virus. These antibodies are detected in (manipulated) infected persons and those who have recovered from infection and are an important part of the protective immune response.

Some studies suggest that levels of SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies in the blood decrease several months after infection, but a recent study concluded that 'antiviral antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 did not decrease within 4 months of diagnosis' (source: The New England Journal of Medicine). However, analogous to other virus infections, the antibody response is likely to be reactivated if a person is exposed to the coronavirus again.

Measurement of these neutralizing antibodies provides an important indication of the proportion of the population infected, regardless of whether this infection was associated with or without symptoms.

How can these rapid antibody tests help vaccine trials?
All current clinical studies with COVID-19 vaccines use the generation of SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies as an important measure of the induction of a protective immune response. According to a recent study (Source: there are 'effective and safe' vaccines available.

AbC-19 in gebruik: snelle tests die essentieel zijn voor de werkzaamheid van het COVID-19-vaccin

Medyc is investigating an easy and reliable rapid antibody test, which detects neutralizing antibodies from a finger prick of blood in 10-15 minutes, provides such an accompanying diagnosis. The portability of AbC-19 means that those already vaccinated can test multiple times at any site to determine the induction and stability of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.


In infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, where there was previously no viable vaccine, researchers and manufacturers have to work around the clock to produce the vaccines. Proof of efficacy, in turn, must move at the same pace. Medyc will provide a reliable and fast tool to support the process.


Medyc has tested the first vaccinated care worker on a volunteer basis. This person had received the first vaccination (Pfizer) 10 days prior to the test and tested positive with this rapid test. Medyc will complete the clinical study in the coming weeks and possibly make it available as an aid to support research into the efficacy of the vaccine.

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