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Zuurstof voor thuisgebruik € 9,95

Handy and accessible oxygen bottle for everyone.
This extra oxygen can apply during or after exercise, during an allergic reaction in which shortness of breath occurs, when you suffer from cluster headaches or, for example, during stressful moments. In short, this oxygen bottle with its wide applicability is a perfect addition to your first aid kit.
* Due to the Covid-19 virus, the demand for pure oxygen has increased enormously. Currently, our stocks are sufficient to meet demand and the stocks shown are accurate.
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What do you pay for shipping costs at Medyc?

We at Medyc use low shipping costs. You only have to place an order from € 200, - if you are below that, there is nothing wrong, the shipping costs are even then only € 7.95.


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What are the delivery times at Medyc? (Please note! Due to the crowds at the moment, the delivery time may differ slightly)

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What are the payment conditions at Medyc?

With us, you must pay in advance for webshop orders.

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